Our Story

Founded in 1975, ANS (previously known as Ang Ngee Seng named after the founder), was established as an importer & exporter of household products in Singapore. Since then, our company has expanded its business scope from wholesale distribution to manufacturing.

Recognised as one of the leading innovators in Singapore, ANS leads in manufacturing high-quality products for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We have been a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for one of Singapore’s largest retail chains for two decades.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Over the years, ANS at the group level, has honed its expertise in product development to enhance the living spaces of its customers, be it personal, work, or public areas. Today, our customer base spans the entire Asia Pacific.

Our brands fall into three categories: Air Care, Personal Care and Cleaning Care, each uniquely making a difference in the world. Together, they protect, heal and nurture individuals, families and communities, promoting cleaner and healthier living.

ANS Milestone

Ang Ngee Seng (ANS) traces its origins back to 1975, initially founded as an importer & exporter of household products. After 46 years, our company has since expanded from wholesale distribution to manufacturing, enhancing living spaces and improving our customers’ quality of life.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Ang Ngee Seng was founded as a wholesaler, supplying household products to meet the growing demand of consumers.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Ang Ngee Seng Trading Co. registered with a new entity name — Ang Ngee Seng Import & Export Pte. Ltd. as the company grew in alignment with our internationalisation plans.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Suntex brand was born to meet the booming demand for air care products across household, commercial and industrial uses.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Our factory was established in Malaysia, focusing on manufacturing of air care products like deodorizers and dehumidifier supplies.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Our first expansion of own brand into regional markets continues with our products exported and reaching a wider scale of consumers, who continues to be our value customers up to this day.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Awarded as an official OEM supplier of major supermarket chain in Singapore across different categories, with partnership continuing up until today after nearing 20 years – continuously uphold quality standards and graded A via 3rd party audits.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

With an improving standard of living, Frans brand was born to produce high quality household & personal care items.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Now widely known as ANS within the esteemed industry, Ang Ngee Seng Import & Export Pte Ltd was rebranded to ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd.

Our Vision

Enhancing lives and living spaces through innovations in products across the air care, cleaning and personal care category throughout Asia.

At ANS, our vision is to provide leading solutions in hygiene, tidiness and cleanliness to enhance any living space, whether it be personal or public areas around Asia. Guided by our understanding of how people interact with their spaces, we are driven to offer our top quality products to create better living environments and enhanced livelihoods.

Our Mission

Understanding our customers’ needs and adapting accordingly to provide a better living experience

Our mission is to continue to intimately understand how our customers interact with living spaces and develop solutions that are geared towards enhancing their hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Identity

Creating better living spaces for an enhanced living experience

The ANS Quality Mark visual is based on the ANS’ corporate logo. The interlocking symbol signifies the perpetual momentum in terms of support and collaboration between ANS and our partners.

Our Quality Mark endorses our products and reflects the following characteristics:

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd


We take initiative to providing effective solutions for your exact needs

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd


You can count on us to take care of you throughout our entire partnership

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd


Worry not about your struggles or any possible problems in the future, as our keen eyes can spot these and adjust accordingly

Our Teams

ANS Functional Capabilities

Unified by a shared vision and mission, our team always strives to serve the broad spectrum of customers. Guided by our core values: Advance, Nurture and Synergise, we are constantly looking out for new ideas to better serve our customers.

We work closely with our strategic partners from various specialisations, such as product design, manufacturing and retailing, to achieve this goal.

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

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