Our Company

ANS was established in 1975 as an importer and exporter of household products.
Also known as Ang Ngee Seng, the name of the founder, our company has since expanded its business scope from wholesale to manufacturing, marketing and product design.

We are recognised as one of the leading innovators in Singapore for the manufacture of high quality products for domestic and industrial use. Today, our customer base spans Southeast Asia. For more than a decade, we are a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for one of Singapore's largest retail chains.

Over the years, ANS at the group level, has honed its expertise in product development to enhance the living spaces of its customers. As there are different types of living spaces - namely personal, home, work and public realms, there are also different needs and expectations to be fulfilled.

Our mission is to continue to intimately understand how our customers interact with these spaces, and develop solutions that are geared towards enhancing their hygiene and cleanliness. Specifically, our solutions focus on three aspects:


  • Envirocare
  • Aircare
  • Personalcare